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"Denzong" (literally translates to the Hidden Valley of Rice) - A term commonly used to refer to the Kingdom of Sikkim when it was under the monarchical rule of the Namgyal Dynasty from 1642 to 1975.

Back To Denzong is a conscious attempt at rediscovering Sikkim's almost forgotten but deeply revered heritage through mindful exploration & experiential travel. Having studied the history of Sikkim's royal past during my month long trip across the region, I present to you an immersive, customisable itinerary - one that interweaves heritage with nature.  

Hand-pick experiences from my 'Back to Denzong' catalogue and I will map out* an experiential itinerary for you.

*Services are limited to planning and consultancy

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Staying with the 13th generation of a Sikkimese Family (whose lineage traces back to the founding of Sikkim's Royal Dynasty in 1642) in their ancestral farm.


Fine 'Sikkimese' Dining in a 250+ year old prison cell

(refurbished into an ethnic dining room decorated with priceless artefacts)


A traditional Sikkimese bath infused with a decoction made of freshly foraged medicinal herbs - used for centuries to treat body aches and joint pains.

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A secluded pool & jacuzzi with a view of India's Highest Peak.

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Engage with a highly skilled local craftsman.


Trekking to the Kanchenjunga base camp

The founder of Sikkim's Royal Dynasty - Lhatsun Chenpo is believed to have discovered Denzong through this trail ( c.1642)

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Experiential Gems to unearth in Denzong

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Secret Waterfalls and Natural Pools 

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The Birthplace of Sikkim 

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Foraging & Farming Experiences

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Volunteer teaching in remote villages


Sikkimese Village Life


Baking Lessons in a rustic brick oven


Natural Hot Spring with a dark history


Wine-making & wine tasting

(made from local flowers & fruits)


A Sikkimese dance choreographed by the King of Sikkim 300 years ago

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Archaeological Excavations 


Sikkim's Most Sacred Monasteries

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Local Culinary Lessons 



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