Shreyas Danappa

I'm a Bengaluru based traveler, passionate about the art of exploration. Landscapes stimulate me, cultures intrigue me - and the interweaving of both excites me.

'Map My Stories' was conceived as a YouTube channel for my raw travel vlogs. Exhausted by the "content" game and just the general state of the travel industry, I rebuilt it into an Immersive travel experience curation project bringing in the joy of slow, mindful exploration. 

The goal is to share my passion for these places (and its local communities) with you through my curated journeys & itineraries.

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Head of Experiences - Kongchen Lyang:

Pem Tshering 'Jauns' Lepcha-

My Sikkimese friend - born and raised in "Kongchen Lyang"Pem is an altruist with a thirst for adventure. An ex local Panchayat president who can be found mountain biking through Sikkim's breathtaking landscape. A closet writer hidden behind a thick layer of sarcasm.

Tropical Leaves

How is 'Map My Stories' Different?


Local Communities and Climate Consciousness are at the heart of my curated journeys.

Quality > Quantity

Small groups only. I am very selective about who gets to join my journeys.

(Yes, we reject applications).

 Travel with only those you vibe with. 

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I operate in locations away from tourist crowds. A strong request is made to keep locations a secret for the same reason.

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FAQ About 'Map My Stories'?

How is 'Map My Stories' not a travel company?

It's a personal passion project. Journeys that I haven't personally experienced myself aren't on my website.  Unlike most travel companies, I have prioritised people over profits having initiated several projects to bring in quality>quantity tourism to the places and communities I deeply care about.

If 'Map My Stories' isn't a travel company why are you charging a service fee?

After personally exploring and vetting locations for quality and safety, initiating  experiential projects, training my local friends to facilitate these projects and marketing these projects to responsible travellers, I believe I deserve some financial compensation. The money supports me in starting similar projects in other locations. 

Why are locations kept a secret?

Eco-sensitive locations getting destroyed by over-tourism as a result of mindless geo-tagging on social media has left me heartbroken. Travel should be accessible to all - But at what cost?

Also, keeping locations a secret is my way of protecting my itineraries (that I've put time, money and effort into designing).

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