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'Map My Stories' is me trying... give back to two indigenous communities whose warm embrace changed my life in 2018. I've made it a yearly commitment to spend time with them ever since. escape the industrial lifestyle of my city and allow organic food, ancient forests and pristine rivers to reset my internal clock. These are the therapists I see annually. remind myself how insignificant our egos are in the vastness of the Himalaya mountains. A liberating feeling I find myself addicted to. contribute financially - to my local friends' social and environmental efforts against mass tourism & industrialisation. Their ancestral lands & traditions are vulnerable. share with like minded folks - the unique experiences I encountered at the intersection of nature and culture. I'd like to think of this as my ikigai. change the way we travel. So that travel may change us.

By supporting this passion project, you are actively turning our collective dreams into reality.

More Life,

Shreyas Danappa

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