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Terms & Conditions


  1. We do not offer discounts.

  2. We do not tolerate single-use plastic during any of our journeys.  

  3. Any single-use plastic used in the mountains needs to be carried back with you to the plains.

  4. For menstruating women, it is highly recommended that a reusable pad or menstrual cup be used instead of the use and throw ones.  

  5. A strong request is made NOT to geo-tag or reveal locations on social media, blogs etc. This is done to protect them from over-tourism and to keep competitors from copying our itineraries (which we have put a lot of time, money and effort into curating)

  6. Bluetooth speakers are not allowed in any of our curated journeys as it gets in the way of the intended experience.

  7. We do not tolerate racism, micro and macro aggressions against the local people.

  8. We are very strict about our cancellation and refund policy.

  9. We are very strict about the age limit being 18+. 

  10. Map My Stories is not liable for the loss of any personal belongings.

  11. You will be asked to sign and submit an indemnity agreement waiving Map My Stories of responsibility for unforeseen circumstances.

  12. It is advised that you get a Tetanus shot as a precaution because finding medical facilities in remote areas is very difficult.

  13. We highly recommend a prior medical examination and report by a practitioner to certify that you are in good health, have no medical, mental, physical conditions that affect your ability to travel and/or participate in the journeys as there are risks associated with high altitude (AMS), cold weather (infections), Humid weather (allergies/infections) and pollen (allergies).

  14. A certificate proving Full Vaccination against COVID-19 is mandatory.

  15. We do not tolerate bullying, teasing or any other kind of harassment against your fellow travellers, locals and any other human beings. 

  16. There is NO NETWORK/INTERNET in most of the places we'll be visiting.

  17. Outdoor activities can be carried out only if weather permits. In case of poor weather, said activities will be cancelled (without refunds) and alternate arrangements will be made (at no additional costs).

  18. We do not encourage posting pictures of the local children on social media (no matter how cute they are) as a precautionary measure against human trafficking.

  19. Civilians are not allowed near the borders which is a few days trek from the point we are allowed to. 

  20. The portraits of the local people in traditional clothes were taken non-intrusively after asking consent and prior intimation of its use. The traditional clothes are worn occasionally and are not reflective of present times. If you wish to take photos of the local people, it is mandatory for you to get their consent, inform them of what you intend to do with those photos and tip them a nominal amount. 

  21. You are expected to carry your own backpack during the trek. So, kindly pack mindfully. Porters can be arranged at an additional cost.

  22. This website is for marketing purposes and information only and is not a legal document. 


Map My Stories is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients. Any personal information and data that is stored shall not be shared with any external or third-parties. Your shared data will be handled with absolute compliance with personal data protection laws. We collect personal information only to better connect with our clients. Additionally, user information will be collected for analytics for Map My Stories to measure our site performance and statistics to improve the website and the overall user experience.

All personal and financial data collected will be from users who share their information voluntarily. During the inquiry and booking process, personal information like your name, location, email, and phone number might be shared with the local operators in order to coordinate logistics, confirm a booking, and to address back-end queries. We shall strictly use the information to complete the booking process and will not use it for any other purpose.

All users, whether registered or not, agree to the Privacy Policy by using the site, application, or our services. By registering, you accept to be sent updates on our upcoming journeys (via e-mail). Users can unsubscribe from Map My Stories by emailing us at

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